Beyond Standard

Online Services is easy and environmentally friendly

No postage. No paper. No hassle.

Many customers today want, and expect, that they can manage their insurance transactions without paper. As an American Modern agent, you have immediate access to all of your customer’s policy documents via modernLINK, but that tool is just for agents. Your customer can view and print policy and billing documents by using Online Services. Once the customer registers, they will no longer receive printed documents in the mail.

The benefits

  • 24/7 access to all policy documents
  • No question about whether a document in a file cabinet is still current
  • Paperless documentation is environmentally friendly

In addition to document access, your customer can use the portal to also:

  • File a claim
  • Make address changes
  • Pay a bill online

Sign up is easy

Send your customers to this registration page.

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Quick Facts

Online Services is a green initiative
intended to reduce paper consumption.