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Taking payments

Flexible payment options

American Modern customers can pay the policy premium after receiving an invoice, or can enroll in EZPay to automate the payments.

Invoiced payment. For customers receiving an invoice, we accept payment by personal check, by credit card (MasterCard©, Visa©, American Express© Discover©), or by customer-initiated electronic funds transfer (EFT) from a bank account. Invoices are mailed or emailed.

EZPay. For customers on an installment plan, EZPay sutomates payments by charging a customer's credit card or by making an electronic withdrawl from a bank account. The charge of withdrawl occurs on the date of the month (1 to 28) selected by the customer. Invoices are not sent once the customer enrolls.

  Full Pay 2-Pay 4-Pay EZPay Full Pay EZPay Quarterly EZPay Monthly
Manufactured Home -- -- --
Dwelling lines -- -- --
Vacant 12 month -- -- --
Vacant 3 or 6 month -- -- -- -- --
Collector Vehicle --
Watercraft -- --
Motorcycle / ATV
Snowmobile -- -- -- --
Commercial lines -- --
Fee per installment $0 $7 $7 $0 $1 $1

2-pay - 50 percent of the total premium is taken as a down payment, with the balance due 60 days after the effective date.

4-pay - 25 percent of the total premium is taken as a down payment, followed by three installments.

Most American Modern programs have installment and EZPay options, but it varies by state. Check the program manual to confirm the available options. A service fee is added to each installment to cover the handling costs.

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Quick Facts

EZPay customers have a much higher retention rate than those using other installment plans.