Policy downloads
It's easier when it's automatic
Keep your agency management system (AMS) records updated with policy information straight from AMsuite®. With one setup, declaration page details can be seamlessly downloaded to your system--automatically. No typing errors. No missed information. 
  • Condominium
  • Dwelling Basic
  • Dwelling Special
  • Homeowners
  • Manufactured Home
  • Tenant
  • Boat
  • Collector vehicle
  • Motorsports including motorcycle and snowmobile
  • Yacht

How it works

Once your system is integrated...

  1. American Modern policies are quoted and booked with AMsuite. 
  2. Our system formats the policy details into a file that can be understood by your system. 
  3. We upload that information overnight to IVANS. 
  4. Through your IVANS subscription, your system downloads the file and updates your data records automatically. 
  5. Any new policies or changes you make today in AMsuite will show up in your AMS in the morning. 

Is your system compatible? 

When you're integrated, policy data is downloaded through IVANS into your agency management system. If your system is compatible with ACORD's AL3 standard, it's likely compatible with IVANS. Download the "vendor.xls" excel spreadsheet from IVANS to check compatibility.

We can help

Contact us at systemsupport@amig.com or (866) 527-9583 and you're on your way to a smooth setup.